DP-3400L Line striping machine with piston pump (5.5HP 4.0L)

Proven durable Piston Pump with Long-life V-packings,and stainless piston rod.

Easy operate, easy control, and easy turn in any direction.

Fluid section has slower-stroking piston, slower cycle rate and larger displacement for longer performance life.

Ideal for most low to medium viscosity, waterborne traffic paints.

Versatile gun bracket can be positioned to spray on left, right, front or rear of stripper.

Ideal fro small to medium-size line marking projects on athletic fields and pavement, parking lots, roads marking etc.

  • Model number
  • DP-3400L
  • DP-3900L
  • Motor power
  • 6hp 4500Watts
  • 8hp 6000W
  • Max. pumping capacity
  • 3.0 L/min (0.8GPM)
  • 4.0 L/min (1.05GPM)
  • Max. nozzle size
  • up to 0.025"
  • up to 0.031"
  • Max. pressure
  • 227bar / 3300psi
  • 227bar / 3300psi
Digital pressure
display and easy
pressure regulating

2-guns for double
line optional
Left and right
control handle

Product Range