DP-6390 & DP-6490 (Piston Pump)



TEFC/Brushless Motor

The brushless motor is more powerful, durable and reliable, no carbon brush and no spark during the spraying, the oil paint or the flammable paint will be no problems.

EzFlush Cleaning

The good quality prime/spray valve could be easily adjusted to Prime or Spray position. And you can easily flush cleaning the fluid passing way after spraying.

EzOut Manifold filter

Our EzOut Manifold filter (60mesh) will reduce the tip clogs and ensure you nice finish. The Pump Filter could be disassembled by hand easily (no tool needed).

EzControl 2.0

Our EzControl 2.0 system will ensure you consistent fan and constant spraying pressure with low pulse and tight pressure deadband (5%). Just set your desired pressure easily, and the microprocessor will generate the fast response when spraying


Our EzConnect system will let you connect / disconnect the suction tube easily . The suction tube is swivel for easy put into the paint bucket.

  • Model number.
  • DP-6390
  • DP-6490
  • Motor power
  • 950W
  • 1300W(Brushless)
  • Max. pumping capacity
  • 2.0L
  • 2.0L
  • Max. Tip size
  • 0.019"
  • 0.021"
  • Max. pressure
  • 210bar/3050psi
  • 210bar/3050psi
  • Weight (kgs)
  • 18.0kgs
  • 16.5kgs

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