DP-6495H & DP-6695H (Piston Pump)



TEFC/Brushless Motor.

The brushless motor is more powerful, durable and reliable, no carbon brush and no spark during the spraying, the oil paint or the flammable paint will be no problems.

EzFlush Cleaning

The good quality prime/spray valve
could be easily adjusted to Prime or
Spray position. And you can easily flush
cleaning the fluid passing way after

Inflating wheels for easy moving

Big fluid pump generate 3L volume per minute, which could be used for most kinds of residential / commercial /
interior / exterior painting jobs.

Digital pressure display

Ceramic Piston Rod Repair Kits

EzOut Manifold filter
  • Model number.
  • DP-6495H
  • DP-6695H
  • Motor power
  • 2200W(Brushless)
  • 2200W(Brushless)
  • Max. pumping capacity
  • 3.0L
  • 4.0L
  • Max. Tip size
  • 0.025"
  • 0.029"
  • Max. pressure
  • 210bar/3050psi
  • 210bar/3050psi
  • Weight (kgs)
  • 19.0kgs
  • 28.0kgs
  • The new Brushless DC motor with less weight and works more efficiently.
  • Durable fluid pump with longest lifetime, could be interchangeable with Graco 695 / 795
  • Ceramic piston rod with hardened chrome finishing
  • Guaranteed quality v-packings (Teflon + leather).
  • Fast replacing the worn parts by using a hammer or wrench to disassemble the fluid pump.
  • Stainless wet parts could be used for both oil-based & water-based paints.

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