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12-P-160 Triplex Mud Pump

12-P-160 Triplex Mud Pump
NOV Mud Pump

Responsible for helping maintain drilling mud circulation throughout your drill string, quality mud pumps are essential parts of your equipment suite. Our reliable brand models such as the F-1000, FD-1600, 12-P-160, and 14-P-220 operate with high performance, easy maintenance, and durability to meet the toughest demands. These field-proven models rate in the 500- to 2,200-hp range. Our extensive product line of mud pumps also includes the National P-Series and Continental Emsco FD-Series and F-Series.


Maximum input  1,600 hp (1193 kW)
Rated pump speed  120 spm
Maximum fluid cylinder liner bore  7¼ in. (184.2 mm)
Hydrostatic test pressure of fluid cylinders  10,000 psi (703 kg/cm2)
Gear ratio  3.439
Suction connection ASA-150 lb. R.J. flange, inches  10 in.
Discharge connection, cross w/ API-10,000 psi. R.J. flange  6 in.
Valve pot, API number MOD. 7