Excellent Refurbished Equipments - Pressure Washer - Graco Hydraclean

247553 Hydra Clean


Pump Package- 30:1 Cart Mount    
Max. Working Pressure- 211 bar (21.1 MPa / 3065 psi)    
Max. Air Input Pressure- 7 bar (0.7 MPa / 100 psi)    
Fluid Flow at 60 cpm- 25.9 lpm (6.8 gpm)    
Volume per Cycle- 430 cc (14.5 oz)    
Air Inlet Size- 3/4″ npt(f)    
Fluid Inlet Size- 1 in    
Fluid Outlet Size- 3/8 in

Hydra-Clean™ Air-Operated and Hydraulic Pressure Washers

Marine, Oil and Gas, Service Trucks, Shipyards, Mining, Food and Pharmaceuticals
Spray down portability for marine, industrial and food industry applications

• Efficient cleaning with hot or cold water, detergent or chemical solutions up to 93°C (200°F)

• Supports two guns on one unit for multiple operators

• Use with open-head universal drums

• Durable piston pump technology will not corrode with harsh chemicals

• ATEX Certified
Hydra-Clean pressure washer for your cleaning solution!

Unlike gas and electric pressure washers, all of our Hydra-Clean pressure washers are safe to operate in hazardous locations because there’s no risk of sparking. Our industrial and sanitary pressure washers are a quick, easy and efficient method to clean your toughest environments.

1.Pneumatic Hydra-Clean

    Pneumatic motor can be powered by air compressor
    Eliminates icing

2. High Pressure and High Flow Cleaning

    Up to 275.6 bar (4,000 psi) and 34 lpm (9 gpm)

3. Supports Multiple Guns

    Use 2 spray wands at the same time to support multiple operators

4. Easy-to-Use

    Use with hot or cold water, detergents or strong chemical solutions up to 93°C (200°F)

5. Optional Hose Reel

    Hose reel kit easily mounts on any new or existing cart-or wall-mount Hydra-Clean unit

6. Pump Construction

    Durable piston pump technology can handle abrasives
    300 Series SST pump will not corrode with chemicals, abrasives or in harsh environments