Construction Equipments - Plaster Pump


The Screw type cement mortar spraying pump  is our newest product, the machine consists of motor, reducer, pump,  air compressor, electrical equipment,
machine frame and so on. This full automatic mortar spraying pump  has a big advantage than the piston style spraying machine,
mortar spraying machine manufacture machine has high pressure, fast speed, high efficiency, easy moving, easy maintenance,
and long service life, most important, no need to often change the wearing parts. Only three persons are required for operation.
One person delivers material, one person operates the spraying gun, a third person does the assistant work.
Compared with the manual operation, it can save manpower, material resources, money and precious time,
as well makes the construction quality better and more reliable than the traditional manual operation.

Technical data:
Max. pressur-3Mpa
Horizontal transport distance-60m
Vertical transport distance-30m
Power of main motor-7.5kw/12hp
Maximum particle size-4mm
Inner diameter of the transport pipe-25/32mm
Bucket capacity-80L
Air compressor-0.3㎡/h
Overall dimension-1460*60*1100mm

This automatic mortar spraying machine is widely used for indoor and outdoor ceiling roof coating, leaking joints,
settlement joint leaks, leaking underground tunnel leaks, mine plugging, plugging air defense projects, dam leakage plugging,
floor, cracks, hollowing reinforcement, cement mortar spraying, mortar spraying,, waterproof grout and waterproof surface coating,
waterproof coating, filling, ceiling painting, wall painting, paint spraying, landscape painting, sound-absorbing material spraying, etc.