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The BAF filter does not remove carbon monoxide (CO) and other toxic gases.
The BAF breathing air filter is used, in conjunction with other safeguards, for supplying clean air to the blasting hood.
The BAF filter is designed to remove condensate and up to 98% of particles having a size of 0,5 microns or less.

A filter only needs to be bought once. The cartridge alone is subject to regular replacement.
A filter can be additionally equipped for operation by two or more operators.
Air Filter Replacement Cartridge ACF
The cartridge should be replaced every three months (after ca. 450 hours of operation).
How the cartridge works:
Water is removed by vortex action of air in outer cylinder. Carded cotton (1) removes particulates.
Activated alumina (2) absorbs oil and moisture. Activated charcoal (3) removes odours and moisture.
Felt material (4) removes more particles. Carded cotton (5) removes more particles.
Respiratory felt (6) at final stage acts as final filter before air is transferred to operator.