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Internal Pipe Cleaning Tool- Spin-Blast HD

Spin-Blast HD

Internal Pipe Cleaning Tool

Rugged, Heavy-duty, and Low Maintenance
For pipes 18" to 48" ID
Air motor control offers exibility in cleaning rates for varying surface conditions
Adjustable centering carriage for consistent blast pattern
Use with standard blast machine

Pipe cleaning just got easier with the Spin-Blast HD from Clemco.
The Spin-Blast HD is a rugged, portable, high-production tool for blast cleaning the internal surface of steel pipe.
Its carriage adjusts for cleaning pipe from 18 inches to 48 inches inside diameter.

The Spin-Blast HD is a pneumatic tool that is used as an accessory to astandard blast machine.
Compressed air powers an air motor for control of the blast head rotation speed allowing infinite flexibility for varying degrees of contamination of the steel surface. The tool can be used with nozzles from 3/8" ID to 1/2" ID and requires a minimum of 1-1/2” ID blast hose.
[Larger nozzles can be used in special situations—consult distributor].

Sturdy, rugged tool that withstands the harsh blast environment
Few moving parts to replace
Independent air motor control of blast head suits varying surface conditions