Spare Parts - Airless Painting Sprayer - Mmpl

Internal Pipe Painting Tool

Product Details
Model Number: MMPL-3

Key Specifications/Special Features:
MMPL-3 pipe inner wall spray device with our airless spray machine together could be used in spraying a variety of channels of which inside diameter is Ф300 - Ф1200mm.
High-pressure paints which transfers from the airless spray coating machine and then goes through pipe inner wall spray device, rotates and moves forward ,and at last finish the pipe coating successfully.
MMPL-3 are adapt to a variety of channels with diameter Ф300 - Ф1200mm.
MMPL-3 spray paint is fan-shaped, so adaptable to the majority of the high viscosity of paint spraying.
Atomization uniform, highly polished and saving much coating.
Pneumatic switch control, no security risks.

Standard accessories:
1x inner hole sprayer
1x control box
1x 15m heavy-duty hose

Model Number: MMPL-3
In spray coating pipeline hole scope: Ф300-1200mm/11.8-47.2in
Manifold pressure: 4-6Bar/0.4-0.6MPa/58-87/Psi
Spray nozzle velocity of whirL: 10-100r / min
Fuselage length: 950mm/37.4in
Fuselage weight: 18kg/39.7lbs
Net weight: 35kgs/77.2lbs
Gross weight: 37kgs/81.6lbs (complete package)
Package     Carton Case
Measurement: 110*51*32.5cm/43.3*20.1*12.8 inches
Container load quantity:133 sets/20ft,256 sets/40ft,362 sets/40HQ
Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty (for main components)
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