Other Industrial Equipments - Pneumatic Hoist


Compressed Air Hoist, Pneumatic Chain Hoists: Capacity: 10 tonne Pneumatic chain hoists or otherwise known as air hoists are very similar in features to an electric chain hoist except the hoist is powered by a compressed air feed as opposed to being restricted by the need for a suitable electric power supply. One of the main advantages of the air hoist is that they are 100% duty cycle; effectively what this means is that the pneumatic lifting chain hoists are suitable for constant use such as in a production environments, it also means that they are suitable for particularly long lifts where an electric motor would overheat. Compressed air chain hoists have variable lifting speed, the further the user presses the button the more air passed by the valve and the faster the hoist will raise or lower. They can be controlled by push button pendant or for longer heights of lift by cord control.