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Remote Control Valve

Control Type: Pneumatic
Product description:SUPER Blast supplies pneumatic remote control system with deadman control handle for portable blasting machines, durable and reliable, high safety.

 ◆ Remote Control Valve

The popular remote control system incorporates two valves in one body, the lower for compressed air inlet and the upper for controlling the exhaust outlet of the abrasive blast cleaning machine.
RMS with 1-1/4” port is fitted to all blast machines as standard, it allows the machine to be depressurized from a remote deadman handle fitted at the blasting nozzle position.
It is designed for easy maintenance with the use of only a few tools.


- The air exhausted from abrasive blast cleaning machine does not pass through the working parts of the valve, thus any caused by air borne particles of abrasive is restricted to the rubber diaphragm.
- Operates efficiently at distances up to 100 feet.
- Dual Fail To Safe system stops blasting if operator drops remote control handle.

◆ Deadman Control Handle

Pneumatic control deadman handle I & II are suitable for most remote control systems available within the blasting industry.


- Concave mounting saddle design, ensuring positive mounting on all blast hoses

- Safety identification ensuring correct control line nipple.

- Available in either BSP or NPT threading for the nipple.

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