Vapour Abrasive Blasting - SuperBlast - Wet Blast Pot

SB800 Vapour Blast Pot

Vapor abrasive blasting (also known as wet abrasive blasting) removes coatings, contaminants, corrosion and residues from hard surfaces.
It’s similar to dry sand blasting, except that the blast media is moistened prior to impacting the surface.
The main advantage of vapor abrasive blasting over sand blasting is that it reduces dust, allowing for operators to work in a wide range of environments with minimal setup and cleanup costs.
It results in a cleaner, more consistent finished, ready to coat, with no embedded particles or clinging dust.

Vapor Abrasive Blasters also use a mixture of water and media within the blast pot.
The delivery of this mix is what differentiates the two.
Vapor Blasters use water pressure within the pot to force the mix out and into the blast hose where it is then carried out to the nozzle by air pressure.
Vapor Blasters can be used at lower pressures since the water pressure is what is forcing the mix out of the pot.
However, you still need to be mindful of your initial mix of media and water, and not to mention what you do with any unused media and water within the pot when the job is complete.

Small and portable – makes it easy to move on the deck. It can handle both horizontal and vertical surfaces
Environmental friendly – 92% less dust and less media consumption compared to dry blasting. Uses less water than traditional water-based wet blasting, pressure washing or hydro jetting
No health risks – No risks due to vibrations caused by hand tools
Surface preparation – perfect feathering which creates a good adhesion of the paint, compatible with almost all grit types

1 Water: first adding about 30 gallon.
2 Abrasive sand: glass beads and sand, first adding about 300LBS.
Sandblasting hose size: ø32mm, length is 6’.
Sandblasting gun:
1 Qty: 1pc.
2 Nozzle: ø10mm.
3 Working pressure: 0.5 0.7MPa.

Air consumption: about 210+ cfm. (Customer prepared)
Air source size: ø26.
Blasting time:35 45 minutes(up to sand type)