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Air Hose

Product description:

Air Hose has a red oil resistant cover and is reinforced by a spiral synthetic yarn providing a 200psi working pressure.
Perfect for conveying compressed air over long distances to breathing airline filters, small blast machines, airless paint spray pumps and other equipment requiring lower volumes of air.


● High tensile strength polyester cords are used for its reinforcement for conveying of air and inert gas under normal temperature -20~45°C. The tube is black in color and cover is black, red, yellow and blue in colors etc, and can also be EPDM synthetic rubber makes.

Listing out all products under air hoses:

● Twin Line Hoses Feature:

Hose of two different colors and working pressure are connected together longitudinally for conveying of two kinds of gases or liquid at the same time and are simple assembly to use.


- Hose pressure of over the above listed can be made on requests.

- Surfaces of hose can be smooth and corrugated.
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