Spare Parts - Sand Blasting - Contracor


This very comfortable, lightweight and value-for-money helmet is suitable for any kind of abrasive blasting work.
The helmet is designed with a wide viewing window.
This is an important feature when the operator’s movement is limited,
e.g. in blasting rooms, while cleaning the internal surfaces of reservoirs, holds, etc.
1. The robust, durable shell of the Aspect blast helmet ensures operator security and a long service life of the helmet, whilst an air baffle delivers a constant flow of air to the operator’s head and face to reduce fatigue, prevent misting and increase productivity and safety.
2. The top of the cape is protected from ricochet of blast material by an extended window frame
3. The embedding of media between the lenses is prevented by an integral 1”-deep visor.
4. Easy closing of the window through a slot which aligns the closing latch and tab.
5. The cape is fixed to the bottom rim of the helmet via an adjustable ratchet buckle, which ensures a secure fit and easy replacement.
6. High operator visibility and security are provided by two lenses and a wire mesh screen.
Disposable lenses
In Aspect blast helmet disposable clear acetate lenses protected by a stainless steel wire mesh screen are used.
Disposable lenses can be exchanged in a matter of seconds, and are available in practical packs with 50pcs.