Spare Parts - Sand Blasting - Contracor


- 800 lumens, concentrated light cone
- Modern LED technology
- Light housing is specially designed for blast hose mounting
- Mounted ABL light will not interfere with the normal operation of DMH handle
- Simple and fast exchange of the disposable glass

The ABL blast light is designed for illuminating a working area during sandblast cleaning operations.
The lamp runs on 12-24 volts and provides a bright concentrated light which can be directed at the working area.
It utilizes an approximately 800-lumen bright LED module to produce a concentrated light cone.
The ABL blast light attaches to the sandblast hose and does not interfere with operation of the DMH handle.
The operator does not have to hold the light in one hand in order for it to work effectively.
The modern LED light runs on a 12-24 V DC battery or other 12-24 V DC source.
The lamp has a hermetically sealed design and is protected against dust and abrasive material.
A stable and replaceable deflector glass protects the lamp against abrasive material damage.
The disposable glass can be easily replaced once the rubber cover is removed.
The LED light is supplied with a 1.5-m power cord.

Assembled 12-24V LED light with 1.5-m power cord.