Water Blasters - Denjet - Diesel


The CD25 range of machines are compact water-blaster machines with high pressure pumps from 170 to 500 Bar, and water flow from 17 to 42 L/min.
The pump are driven by a 3 cylinder water cooled Kubota diesel engine and the sturdy all enclosing frame is made in stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance and powder coated for a nice appearance.
The machines have a small foot print off 1200mm x 800mm, the same size as an EUR Pallet.
The frames stays solid in place on 4 big rubber feet, one in each corner, and the compact machine have forklift pockets as well as one central lifting eye for easy moveability.

General specifications:
Max pump speed-1750 rpm
Engine-Kubota Diesel 3 cyl. Water cooled
Engine power- 25 Hp
Engine rpm- 3000 rpm
Tank- 28 L
Max fuel consumption- 5.7 L/h
Noise (7m)- 80 dBa
Dimensions- 1200mm x 800mm x 1300 mm
Weight- 350 kg